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Advantage / Gremount

Quality Supervision
Before a batch of goods to be shipment, Gremount should have to exam the quality of the product and oversee all the processing of supplying to ensure that the goods are suitable for shipment.

Fixed Suppliers
Once the customer is particularly interested in some products that were produced by Chinese manufacturer whom the customer himself has appointed, Gremount promises to act at the customer’s request and by no means supply other Chinese manufacturer’s products.

Fast contact and feedback:
Gremount’s feedback to vendor is very fast , every project is taken care by special person. Always feedback with the first time .

Transportation Tracing
After shipment the customer may grasp the information of conveyance shipped goods at any time through Gremount.

Reminding of Clearing Goods at the port
We have the service of clear the goods at customs port. We will remind customers of ETD and ETA, checking the document and arrival time to avoid the demurrage charges.

Double check Quality
When goods is using in customers process, we have double check if the quality customer satisfy . and checking all the service if we can do better than before.

According to ISO9000-14000 international quality guarantee standard,we have built quality assurance system,and the system has been recognized.Therefore,we have full confidence to provide our customers with reliable products.
In addition, our manufacturers possesses HACCP, GMP and KOSHER.