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citric acid all raised 

 as the agroproducts still shortly in recently, it is obviously for market raised for citric acid , sodium citrate, potassium citrate, calcium citrate. and so on.not only the coke and coal problem , but also the transport wargon charges raised.all natually cost up .maket a activly market. most factory will be delivery 2 or 3 month to give goods out.


Citric Acid in Domestic Market 
 Citric Acid industry is developing rapidly in China. The production has reached 0.2 million tons and 0.15 million tons were been exported in 1994 so as to China became the biggest country of producing and exporting. It is estimated from official news that global production for Citric Acid was 0.5 million and the consumption reached some 0.55 million tons. In the recent years, Citric Acid is gradually entering into abstersion industry because of cosmopolitan requests of environment protection. Entry into 90’s, the consumption is annually increasing by degrees with 4 to 5 percent. 


  Astaxanthin is a kind of the new extract for nutrition , normal Janpan and Europedo the extract is 1-3% content.but for the 5% in the world is by systhnesis way. 


Coenzyme Q10 

  New useage for CoQ10 is widely accepted for all of the world, this year COQ10 consumption is becoming more and more hot. in Japan, USA, Germany, India. more people invole in this product. we have cooperate with factories and delevope the new market of COQ10 and its' raw material solanesol's market.  


Market on Solanesol 
  Solanesol is extracted from tobacco. It is the base material for many high-value bio-chemicals, e.g. vitamin-K analogues, vitamin-E and coenzyme Q10. It is also a potentiating agent in these medicines. Research has shown that after the introduction of a 'solanesol' radical into the structure of some medicines, its effects are increased considerably. With solenesol as its base material, co-enzyme Q is useful in the treatment of heart diseases, cancers and ulcers.With the weak market for CoEnzyme Q10 and arrival of many new manufacturers of Solanesol at present, price of Solanesol is decreasing. Such situation will be reversed soon for other reason. Because the factory who produce item of low quality will be washed out.Winter will be passing soon, Spring is approaching. 


Market Trend of Potassium Sorbate 

  Oil price at international market has been rising rapidly of late to the highest point in historical record, which causes increase for many other related items. Potassium Sorbate is one of items. Last year, the price for Potassium Sorbate was at USD2150/MT-USD2750/MT FOB QINGDAO. However, the price has been increasing from USD2700/MT to USD3300/KG this year, even some manufacturer's price is much higher. Under these circumstances manufacturers always delay the date of delivery for they are not able to produce the goods due to lack of raw materials.