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Feed Additives / Gremount
Jan 07, 2017Mono Calcium Phosphate(MCP)

White crystal powder,Easily soluble in hydrochloric acid,nitric acid,soluble in cool water,almost insoluble in alcohol.It loses crystal water at 109 ℃ and decoposes to calcium metaphosphate at 203 ℃...

Jan 07, 2017Betaine Monohydrate

Betaine Monohydrate...

Jan 06, 2017Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)

It, involve , participates in the metabolishm of carbonhydrate, protein and fat, and is the major composition of flavorprotein, the transferring enzyme system of hydrogen, In clinical practice, it is a...

Jan 06, 2017Vitamin D3 Powder 500,000IU/G Feed Grade

Vitamin D3 500 Powder Feed Grade is obtained by dispersing an oily solution of cholecalciferol in an appropriate matrix which is usually based on a combination of gelatin and carbohydrates (sucrose and...

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