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Audit and QA Contol of Supplie

Gremount International Co., Ltd

The right supliers provide the most suitable goodsor services at the most suitable prices and in theright time frames for the specific business needs.The excellent supplier involves much more than scanning a senies of price, However it should depend on a wide range of factors such as rlibilityt depend on a wide range of factors such as reliability.
Third-Party Indenpendent Examination
Our company stil cooperate with Societe Generale de Sureillance S. A Company(SGS). Pony Testing Intemational Group and others.
Our company sort out the excellent from thousands suppliers in advance. Moreover we invite the excellent suppliers to join the Alliance of Suppliers.
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Connect the independent Department of Supplier Management, Finance, Logistics, Markceting Management, Human Resources, and Customer Service to become a comprehensive company.
SQM System

Gremount International Co., Ltd.

★ Supplier Evaluation & Reliability Supplier Evaluation Sheet is provided for manufacture and yearly on-site visit is done by Gremount ★ Quality Management Require third party audit for all manufactures to seek for a desired level of excellence for product ★ Service & Value for Product Provide excellence sevice and ensure product vaule by constant focusing on the market and the customers ★ Financial Security A series of financial system to protect from threats to Gremount and customers ★ Suppliers Management Quality Management (SQM)— This management system has been established in our company since 2004. The system depend on the importance of the 4 different factors to identify potential suppliers and choose reliable supplier-partners to ensure good quality and serive for our customers