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The FIA / HFE Japan sponsored by Japan Food Chemical News Agency, has been held for 23 times, and the exhibition scale has been expanded year by year. It has become the largest food additives and Food Ingredients Exhibition held in Japan with the best trade effect. 

As a professional food additive export company, our company mainly deals in sweetener, vitamin and emulsifier products. According to the data, in 2017, 1000 professional visitors visited and negotiated in China exhibition area, 2 million US dollars were transacted on site and 8 million US dollars were intended to be transacted. Therefore, our company takes this opportunity to promote products, negotiate with new and old customers and expand the market through three-day exhibition. Our key products in this exhibition include: hmb-ca, mannose, sucralose, stevia, SAIB, vitamin C and other products, which have attracted many customers' attention.

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